Who let the dogs out ?

~  If we all sit back and do nothing, because we can’t do everything, then NOTHING is exactly what will get done.~

Animal Welfare activists in Bangalore decided to get together every Saturday and make Radio Active their home to discuss animal welfare and rights issues, to seek solutions and to look at policy advocacy, capacity building, rescue operations and radio programs among the others.


The 5th April 2014 meeting had eight activist participating and had a range of issues up for discussions including: the need for setting up of State level Animal Welfare Board and District level SPCAs, planning and implementation of ABC programme state-wide in Karnataka, the non-payment issues for the ABC program conducted to the NGOs by the BBMP, identifying and networking with District-level Activists, volunteers and NGOs  and the need for Sensitization and Awareness programmes for State and District level officials etc.

The 12th April 2014, meeting discussed action plans based on the 5th April meeting and plans for the new radio series on Animal Rights Issues, which will be on air from mid May 2014

The first episode “What ails animal welfare?” of the new series was recorded on 19th April 2014, anchored by Ms. Pavithra Ghanashyam in English. The Kannada version will be recorded on 26th April 2014


 The group includes:

Sowmya Reddy, AWBI member

Dr Shiela Rao, CUPA trustee

Levin N Dasan, Activist

Poornima Harish, Anti Cruelty Inspector

Vinay Moray, Anti Cruelty Inspector

Nevina Kamath, Anti Cruelty Inspector

Pinky Chandran , Stray Pals Project

Shital Gaekwad, Sarvodaya Trustee

Shree Kavya, ANBIN

Saleela Kappan, Activist


Shirley Naniah




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