Banking Accessibility in Bangalore – Part 1 ATM & Disability Issues

My name is Lavanya and I am low vision! A recent experience at the local bank , got me thinking about issues of banking accessibility in Bangalore and following discussions with my community members, we decided to do  a series on Banking accessibility in Bangalore

The Part 1 of the series focuses on ATMs

Are ATMs accessible to people with disabilities? What are our experiences while using ATMS? Do ATMS have ramps? Are the staff members or the security personnel employed by the  bank sensitive to our needs? How do we know which ATM is disabled friendly? Where are the talking machines for the visually impaired? How are the needs of low vision different from that of the visually impaired community? Are letters marked in braille?Do ATMs have necessary audio jack, for the visually impaired? Despite the RBI guidelines and directives, why haven’t the banks  taken any action?

Tune in to Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz –  Aashitaru @ 2.00pm to 2.30pm on 8th October 2014 and listen to  Mukesh , Ravina,  Amith , Sunil , Raki , Navy , Suresh , Mohith and Kishor share their experiences on the use of the ATM. Understand the legislation dealing with disability, and also catch my own experiences exploring ten ATMS near the studio, with my friend Manjula and an interview with the State Bank of Mysore’s Mr. Vijay Kumar, Probationary Officer and Clerk Mr. Jeevraj speak on SBM’s talking ATMs facility provided by State Bank of Mysore.

( While not on the show, I did have an opportunity to meet the AGM , who explained the future plans of installing 115 talking ATMs all over Bangalore- see photos)

Signing off for today! Will be back with more stories


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