Reflections on The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos coincided with with the World Animal Day on October 4th 2014. Early as 6.00am, over 100 animal lovers gathered at Cubbon Park in solidarity to press the need to raise awareness about poaching, decreased habitation and inhumane captivity of these animals.

The March was refreshingly different as it incorporated an element of Story telling.

The mythical tales of elephants and Rhinos made it easier for the crowd to relate to…

As the walk involved engagement with all participants, through  quiz, making sounds of elephants and Rhinos this made the walk much more purposeful and informative.


Personally , for us it was a wonderful learning as we was also covering the walk through community radio.  The interview with the participants during the walk revealed the importance of community capacity building on issues of protection and conservation.

And we strongly believe that way forward is sensitization and education!

– Priyanka,  Marwan and Pinky

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