Voices from the Wasted Land- Mavalipura Landfills

“Voices from the Wasted Land- Mavalipura Landfill”, also titled “Vyartha Bhoomiya Dwanigalu”, in Kannada is an effort of Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, a community radio in Bangalore committed to widening communities involvement in broadcasting. Through the radio, residents have shared their stories on the problems faced by them on account of indiscriminate garbage dumping.

Community Radio has been envisaged as a medium to provide voice to the voiceless, and in doing so envisions a system where common people create their own media landscape, address issues that matter to them, in their own style, language and dialect, cutting across barriers of illiteracy and exclusion thereby giving them access to representation through voice.

Using this platform, the residents have attempted to present their version of their story, from the history of the area, to the shock of waking up to trucks of garbage, to the agony of everyday living – including living with flies and rodents, problems of contaminated water, loss of fertile land and cattle deaths, health issues, the fact that marriages or birthdays are a thing of past… from the protests against dumping to the need for segregation, hear the voices of determination.

Production began in October 2014 when three friends from Mavalipura B. Srinivas, Ramesh Ramagondanhalli and Munniraj – decided to mobilize the community to speak out. The songs for the series titled “ Garbage Guma”, has been conceptualized Gollahalli Shivaprasad, and the entire series have been edited by Vijaya and Surendra

The first episode was aired on 12th November 2015. Till date about 20 episodes have aired. The series will be also be uploaded on the platform http://www.edaa.in

Join us for an Audio Release – Voices from the Wasted Land – Mavalipura Landfill , on 26th January 2015 at 5.30 pm at Mavalipura Circle, Shivkote Post, Bangalore North
Contact : 9448174834 ; 81005506335

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