Reading of ‘The Cosmopolitans’ with Anjum Hasan on 21st September 2015

Radio Active is  delighted to invite you for public reading of ‘The Cosmopolitans’.

The Cosmopolitan: The Cosmopolitan is a recently published novel written by Anjum Hasan. It is the story of Bangalore and a Bangalorean, Qayanat- her banal life surrounded by art and a long journey is full of intrigues.

“Qayenaat, meanwhile, came to believe that the world was divided into people who performed their lives and people who were audience for this purpose; she with her shyness and her patchy history fell, naturally, in the second category.”

There is more to the story of Qayanat- the protagonist of the novel, according to Anjum ‘… she’s had various kinds of life experiences…. I think I was able to give her more depth because of the time that elapsed between starting and finishing her story. In all my books, I have been concerned with the individual—and I wondered if one could create an engaging character out of a woman at that stage (age 53) of her life. Qayenaat is steeped in the arts and she draws sustenance from it, but that doesn’t mean she is sorted emotionally…. She is caught between her father, who represents the idealism of Nehruvian era, and younger people like Baban Reddy, who have a different kind of confidence and a different relationship to India. That is a very interesting space for fiction—and while she is not a representative of that generation, some of her anxieties are generational…

Some of the things I’m talking about are also current in a very general sense. Like money, and how it has changed contemporary India. Then there’s the whole urban construct, as alienating as it is fascinating. My concern is: Is this really the norm or is there another way of living? …’ – Published in Live Mint.

About the Author: Anjum Hasan is the author of two novels, Lunatic in My Head (Shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award) and Neti, Neti (long listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature and shortlisted for The Hindu Literary Prize), a book of poetry called Street on the Hill and, most recently, a collection of short stories, Difficult Pleasures (Shortlisted for The Hindu Literary Prize and The Crossword Book Award). She is also the Book Editor of The Caravan – A Journal of Politics and Culture published by Delhi Press.

Do join us for the reading. Anjum Hasan- the author will be reading passages from the novel. She will also be sharing her reflections during the discussion. Copies for the novel will be available for sale. Invitation is open for all.

For more details you can write to Or call Kabir +91-9663427315 or Ramya +91 9902021496

Date: 21st September 2015

Time: 4.30 pm

Venue: Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, 1/1-1, Atria Towers, Palace Road, Bangalore-560001 ( Next to Hotel Atria, opposite Maharani College)

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