25th Episode Celebration of Jeeva Diary

“Radio Diaries stories do the rarest thing that any kind of journalism does. They truly make us see what it would be like to live someone else’s life”. – Ira Glass

“Jeeva” means life in Kannada and Jeeva’s Diary is a true and personal account of Uma’s life story, the happenings around her and her interpretations, understandings, opinions on the issues concerning the sexual minority community in India and abroad.
This Friday, October 16th 2015 we are celebrating the completion of the 25th epiosde

Join us to be a part of Uma’s story, immerse yourself in the range of emotions, as the story unfolds, tracing her growing up years. Be delighted, cry with her, be angry, celebrate her triumphs and share her dilemmas or support an issue raised …

Contact: 9591775020 or email: radioactivecr90.4mhz@gmail.com

16th Pragram Invition Finel 16th Pragram Invition backside

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