Yearly Storytelling Competition:Weaving Stories From Life

Each one of us is a collector of stories. Stories are an integral part of our lives; we live in stories and we understand each other through stories. Hence being able to tell stories effectively, make meaning out of it and use it to influence others, we believe, is an essential human pursuit.

Radio Active 90.4 FM, along with its partners, has been running its yearly storytelling competition, where children from different schools  and communities participate and share stories. This year the theme of the competition was Child Rights.

This year the storytelling competition was conducted on 6 February 2016. Over 15 schools, and hundreds of children participated in the event.  60 children were selected for the finals.

storytelling pics

As a run up to the event, storytelling workshops were held both for representatives from partner organizations as well participating children.


The workshops focused on basic understanding what makes for good stories, basic storytelling techniques and performance storytelling.



On the final day over 60 children participated in both categories, primary and high school. Most of the stories that the children narrated where of incidents that had influenced their life, something that had happened to them or to the community they live in on themes such as discrimination, child marriage, right to education etc.


Over 15 schools participated in the finals and the winners were:

Primary School Results

1st Prize – Swati

2nd Prize -Mahesh

3rd Prize – Shakti Priya

Consolation  Prize – Malini

Consolation Prize – Digant

High School Results

1st Prize – Siddharth

2nd Prize – Pavithra

3rd Prize – Saraswathi

Consolation  Prize – Srinivasa

Consolation Prize – Pallavi

A big thank you to our partners without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for your continued support :

Child Rights Trust

Childline India Foundation

Association for Promoting Social Action ( APSA)

Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota (BOSCO)

Evangelical Social Action Forum (ESAF)

Social Worker – Indu Priya


-Article by Lakshmi Karunakaran



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