Translating showed me that we all live in the interstices of language: Poet Akhil Katyal on Active Bangalore

Meet budding poet Akhil Katyal. Akhil is a writer and translator. His book of poems Night Charge Extra was shortlisted for the Muse India Satish Verma Young Writer Award 2015-16. In 2014 he was selected one of the five best emerging writers in India by The Caravan Magazine and the Columbia University Global Centre in France.

Akhil Katyal

Picture Courtesy: Sharath Ramana

Akhil Katyal was at the Bangalore Poetry Festival recently and spoke to Radio Active 90.4 Mhz exclusively about finding his voice as poet, how politics effects his practice, and how over the years he has built a unique relationship with Indian languages. The interview is interspersed with Akhil reciting his poems. Listen in…


Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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