Active Bangalore: Gender Bender 2016

Gender Bender 2016 –  Opening Dialogues |Breaking sterotypes| Going beyond binaries | Moving away from statistics|Out-of-boxes| Recreating experiences  and more…

The second edition of Gender Bender 2016’s line up includes holographic installations, videos, immersive performance, theatre pieces, visual poetry illustraions and more…

#GenderBender 2016, is a gender-specific arts project by Sandbox  ( a Bangalore based atists collective led by Nimi Ravindran and Shiva Pathak) and the Goethe Institute. This year’s edition, is co-curated by the Ladies Finger ( India’s leading online women’s magazine)

Pinky Chandran, spoke to Shiva Pathak, co-founder of Sandbox Collective, on Gender Bender 2016.

Take a listen



Gender Bender is a non-ticketed event and entry is absolutely free! So join in large numbers today and tomorrow, September 3rd and 4th 2016,  to watch some exciting performances and installations



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