Active Bangalore: Maraa presents Imaginarium of Sensuous Experiments

Maraa has been ephemeral in the public realm, and they have tried several experiments: playful, provocative and topical…

# About Maraa

As the website quotes…

We are a media and arts collective based in Bangalore and Delhi. Founded as a charitable public trust, our work is centred around a political yet creative practice across three domains – strengthening people-centric media platforms, democratising usage of urban public spaces and deepening rights based campaigns. For us, the dimensions of labour, gender and sexuality, caste and class cut not only across but also deeply inform and shape all the work that we do

On September 10, Marra released a book, “Imaginarium of Sensuous Experiments: Field notes from a city in flux.”


This book is wrought from relationships with the city of Bangalore, of desires and frustrations in trying to decipher and respond to its chameleon like quality. Between the pages lie persistent memories, stubborn questions which yield no easy resolution, proposals that provoke rigour, mystery and curiosity about our lives within the city.

Take a listen

On Sensuousness: The Art of Representing a City ( Making sense of the city in flux and the role of arts in this context)
In conversation with
Lata Mani, Feminist historian and Cultural theorist
Madhu Bhushan, Women’s Rights Activist and Film-maker
Harshika Amin, Architect and Movement artist
Moderated by Ram Bhat, from maraa.

For more information write to Maraa at


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