Colourful Kamanabillu Season 2: Promo of the Carnival Kamanabillu Santhe

Colourful Kamanabillu is back with your favourite RJ Shilok Mukkati and more colour and more colourful people and issues, just like the rainbow.

In the first episode Shilok speaks to two of our favourite people Priyank Sukanandthe founder of “Queer Collective India” and a professional Chef and Avril Stormy Unger, a performer, choreographer and the founder of Storm Factory, a dance collective, on the Carnival: Kamanabillu Santhe – a celebration of Karnataka’s Unique Rainbow Queer Community as part of #Pride2016

#Queer Collective India works towards bridging the gap between the society and the Queer Community by creating a safe space for people to express their talent through theatre, art, dance, and handicrafts.

Take a listen to Colourful Kamanabillu and get to know more about “Carnival: Kamanabillu Santhe” with Priyank, Avril and Shilok.

Note: If People are interested to perform at the carnival they can write to

Please contribute fund for “Carnival: Kamanabillu Santhe”

For feedbacks please write to us at

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