Eco Talk-Book Launch:Trashonomics – A Simple Guide to Solid Waste Management

“Catch them young”, is a popular saying. And proper waste management is an essential skill that every child should acquire. This led Claire Rao and Archana Prasad Kashyap, members of the Solid Waste Management Roundtable (SWMRT), a city based volunteer group working on decentralized and inclusive waste management, to author the book titled “Trashonomics”. 


Authors  Archana Prasad Kashyap and Claire Rao  Photo Credit: Raghu Kashyap


The Book has five easy chapters with hands-on activities that will help children understand the concepts better.  For more information,check

Claire Rao, spoke to Beula Anthony on what made her co-author the book on waste for children

Public Texts Event at Indian Institute of Human Settlements ( IIHS) , on 16th September 2016 –

Authors Claire Rao and Archana Prasad Kashyap, in conversation with other waste management experts like: Ms. Sowmya Reddy – Member, Animal Welfare Board of India, Ms. Almitra Patel – SWM expert committee, Ms. Vani Murthy – SWM expert/urban farmer, Mr. Mansoor Gous – Recyclable waste manager/expert and Dr Sandhya – BBMP Medical Officer Health.

The conversation focused on creating awareness on waste management at a young age and how this book can act as a guide to everyone; to understand and practice segregation, recycling and reusing of waste, to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Take a listen 


 Ms. Sowmya Reddy-Member , Animal Welfare, Board of India (AWBI) & a   Social Activist, spoke about her interest in the book and how she distributed the same freely for most of the schools.



Almitra Patel,Solid Waste Management expert Committee Member-Feedback on the book 

Mr. Mansoor, Recycling Waste Manager, Ward No 168, Jayanagar -Spoke about Dry Waste Collection Center, Recycling and Hasirudala

Dr. Sandhya -BBMP Medical Officer, Health spoke about the book and Waste Management in Bangalore


Vani Murthy, Solid Waste Management Expert/Urban farmer, spoke about her experience working with children in waste management and she believes children can be the best brand ambassadors.

Please write to to request a training on this book for teachers.

 Please note: 

 The audio used here contains excerpts from Public texts on Trashonomics, a talk held at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) Bengaluru, on the 16th of September, 2016. The audio shall neither be used for any commercial purpose(s) nor be modified, edited or altered in any manner without prior written permission of IIHS.
Photo Credit: Raghu Kashyap, Vani Murthy and Beula Anthony


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