Going Cuckoo: Eco Talk featuring Bangalore’s new eco-friendly traveler’s hostel

Rajat Kukhreja, founder of Cuckoo’s hostel speaks about how his wondrous journey led him to this unique idea and how he went about setting up an eco-friendly space…

In this edition of Eco Talk, meet Rajat Kukreja whose traveler’s hostel, Cuckoo’s hostel is giving travellers to Bangalore an eco friendly and sustainable experience.Cuckoo’s hostel is showing others in hospitality industry the way by setting up a place that uses simple techniques that will make living creative, low cost and sustainable through innovative design solutions. It’s a place that uses recycled products to the optimum, introducing and inspiring their guests to live a more environment friendly, community led, minimum waste life.


Rajat (c) with his friends

Beyond all this, the hostel is a place that encourages people to meet, experiment with their ideas and collaborate on new projects.

Rajat says that he wanted the place to grow organically, much like his eco-friendly heart. So he invited people to come and contribute in any way they could. He gave them space to experiment and make mistakes. The process, he says was much more gratifying than the final product itself.

Here is the complete two part interview:

Part 1


Part 2:

Look at some of these pictures to see how spaces can be transformed by a bunch a enthusiastic and spirited youngsters in a sustainable, low cost way.

  1. The common room- Ground Floor


2. The dorms



3. Private room


You can reach out to Rajat at 7204156880

Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran



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