Yari Varu Season 3: Report Release by SAHRA, for marginalised people on sexuality, gender identity/expressions

The South Asian Human Rights Association, for people  marginalised because of their sexuality, gender identity/expression (SAHRA), recently released the annual report titled “South Asia Human Rights Association Violation Report on the basic of Sexuality & Gender Identity/Expression”.SAHRA, has documented over 156 cases of human rights violations during 2014 and 2015. The report is written by SAHRA staff and Steering Committee members from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistana and Sri Lanka.

The National Recommendations for India include repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, Implement the provisions from the NALSA judgement, incorporate comprehensive sex education in the national curriculum and raise awareness on sexuality and gender issues and sensitise government officials including policy makers, police and state departments, among the others 

RJ Shilok Mukkati and RJ Priyanka spoke to Rajesh Srinivas, from Sangama, Bangalore who co-released the report in Delhi, on September 2016. Take a listen…





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