Active Bangalore: Festival of Stories #ArtinTransitBangalore

Art in Transit, hosted the #FestivalofStories on 22nd and 23rd October 2016

Art Installations |Murals | Performances |Poetry | Shadow Puppetry | Walks | Food Trails | Comics &  Zines | Workshops | Storytelling Sessions | Film Screenings | Virtual Reality Experiences


Cubbon Park Metro Station • Cubbon Park • Bal Bhavan • Venkatappa Art Gallery • Vishvesvaraya Industrial and Technology Museum


Take a Listen

Festival of Stories:  Arzu Mistry on #ArtinTransitProject


Festival of Stories: Tales from the City- Soumya Srinivasan and Priya Muthukumar

BangaLORE Tales – Tales from the City

Bangalore Storytelling Society – 22,23 October 11:00am to 12:30pm – Cubbon Park
Weaving facts, folktales, myths and personal stories, BSS tellers take you on a magical tour with tales that will enfold us into this vibrant, exploding city.

Festival of Stories: St +Art Workshop: Participative Street Art by Poornima Sukumar


Festival of Stories: Chilipili for Children

Kaavya Sanje – 22 October 5pm to 6pm – Bal Bhavan
Bring back lost rhymes, integral to the Kannada household and day to day activities of children

Festival of Stories: Chilipili for Children with Devika

Festival of Stories: Vachana Walk

Kavya Sanje – 22 October 11:30am to 1:00pm – Cubbon Park
Curated by Mamta Sagar with students from Srishti, Azim Premji and Bangalore Universities, and activists, writers, artists, musicians and the general public interested in poetry: Bringing poetry to people, Kavya Sanje dissolves time and space as you walk from the underground through the trees participating and experience 12 Century Vachanas, still relevant and alive in the present day. Walk Starts at Cubbon Park Metro Exit C opposite ticket counter and ends at Venkatappa Art Gallery


Festival of Stories: Kaanadha Kanda Oorina Putagalu (Unseen Pages of a Place)

Students from Srishti with Sudebi Thakurata and Babita Belliappa – 22,23 October – Cubbon Park Metro
“Folded journals… unfolding journeys” is an interactive spatial experience sharing layered experiences of young people new to Bangalore City.

Festival of Stories: Kaanadha Kanda Oorina Putagalu (Unseen Pages of a Place) With Babita and Vaishnavi

#About Art in Transit

Art in Transit is a multifaceted public art initiative facilitated by the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Recognizing the rapid pace of growth, movement, and development in the Bangalore metropolis, Art in Transit generates a stimulating dialogue between people and the urban spaces that they inhabit. This composite discourse instigates an extensive range of meaningful, pertinent and pervasive artistic interventions in spaces of transience. The project creates a dynamic platform for diverse voices in contemporary public art practice to converge within the rich and resonant urban context of Bangalore For more information check




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