Active Citizens: “Access to one time hot meals, is our right”, demands retired senior citizens from unorganised sector

On 24th October 2016, senior citizens as part of the Akhila Karnataka Vayorudhara Okkuta (AIKYATA) – Retired Unorganised Sector Workers, Bangalore, staged a protest in front of BBMP demanding mid-meals, which was stopped by BBMP, citing lack of  funds. ( The scheme was introduced 2008 and was stopped in 2012.) This year’s budget has alloted four crores towards the scheme – Reference: 28th March 2016 BBMP Council Meet). However nothing has been materialised yet…

Take a listen

S. Mary | Retired Construction Worker and Choultry Worker|Koramangala

I used to walk to work. I used to carry mud, stones, cement. Even if I would fall, nobody would care. I worked even I was pregnant carrying heavy loads. I started off with a measly amount of Rs. 1.50/- After that, I also worked in a choultry ( marraige hall), from cleaning, washing to cutting vegetables, I did everything, all for a paltry sum of Rs.50/- for two days

Anthonyiamma| Retired Powrakarmika| Lingrajpuram

“I had 12 children and survived by doing coolie work. I took care of my family. After my husband died, I  fell sick with high BP and sugar. I then met other senior citizens like me and joined the Sangha”.

“I have cleaned the city, without any demands…”.

“I feel that senior citizens must to be given tablets for BP and diabetes free of cost, timely pension of Rs. 5000/- per month.”


Mariyamma | Retired Construction Worker, Domestic Worker, Incense Stick Worker, Coffee Factory Worker, Garment Factory Worker| Koramangala

I have nine children. I took care of them, got them all married. Now I am all alone with two disabled children ( developmental disability). With their pension too, we are unable to pay rent and eat food properly…

Lakshamma| Retired Construction Worker| Lingrajpura A Block



Sebastin Devraj|South Indian Trade Union Federation

H Doreswami, Former Freedom Fighter, in solidarity with the demands


S J Ravindra, Commissioner ( Welfare), BBMP assurances to the senior citizens demanding for mid day meals




Program and Photographs by Venkatesh


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