Poetry in the park: A special gathering of poetry lovers

Lynessa writes “Come share your poem, Come share poetry that moves you. Come sit under a tree and listen…” and this is how she invites for Poetry in the park. Poetry in the park is a monthly gathering of poetry fanatic at Cubbon Park.

Every month poets from across the Bangalore bring their poetry and the poems from their favourite poets which have a lot of strength in their words, which enthuses for living, which gives hope and heal the one in blue. Poems which come to that circle have no barriers for language, forms, themes or gender.


Here we have poetry performances from the month of October on 15th, with multiple languages and with multiple ideas. People speak about gender, queer, nature, melancholy, feminism, darkness, animosity, vulnerability,  love, friendship and many with the beyond understanding of a common eyes.

Listen to the astounding poets of Bangalore who will take you for the expedition of other dimension of literature:

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