Active Bangalore:The Pillowman @ Jagriti Theatre

full-cast-poster.jpgCall it a COMEDY. Call it a THRILLER. Call it a TRAGEDY. Call it a MYSTERY.

The quirky thing about “The Pillowman” is that it fits any and all of these genres!
Being performed for the first time in Bengaluru on such a grand scale, this play is bound to entertain. Set in an imaginary dictatorial society, the play begins when a writer is brought in for interrogation. He is questioned regarding a series of gruesome child murders bearing striking similarities to his stories. Just like the manner of the killings, the investigating detectives are ruthless and show no mercy in trying to get a confession. They even drag the writer’s mentally challenged brother amidst a tangle of fantastical revelations, whimsical stories and peeling layers of what seems to be the truth. Eventually a punishment is delivered and justice is served.
As a tribute to this legendary play, Mad Hats will use a mix of conventional and path-breaking styles of story telling. One one hand, audiences will see real actors on the set. And on the other, they will be tranported into an imaginary world of SHADOWS. It will be an experience that is bound to leave the audiences spellbound with its plot and imagery
The play is twisted, mysterious and outright funny in generous proportions. It is often described as a COMEDY so dark that the color black seems pale. Written by Martin McDonagh, the play has won multiple awards globally including the prestigious Tony Awards 2005 and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award 2005.
Director: Puneet Gupta
Date & Venue: Nov 18-27 2016, Jagriti Theatre (Season 2016)
Time: 8pm (Tue-Sat), 3:00pm & 6:30pm (Sun)
Cast: Varun Kainth, Mohammed Saif, Shatarupa Bhattacharya, Puneet Gupta, Bhagyasree Kakoty, Sonam Rai, Karan Tiwari
Production Head: Anurag Maheshwari
Assistant Director: Dhanya Menon
Set & Props: Anurag Maheshwari, Sweta Garg, Saiyam Keshari
Lights: Niranjan Gokhale
 Music & Sounds: Aravind Dayalan, Deepak Jadhav
Costumes: Nupur Jain, Richa Singh, Chhavi Lahoti
 Visual Media: Anshu Surana
Production Manager: Sejal Maheshwari

About Mad Hats TheatreFound in 2006, Mad Hats Theatre was founded by 4 ex-IITians with the sole aim of providing amateur artists (writers, directors, actors, designers, musicians etc.) a platform to express through the medium of theatre. Through their performances, Mad Hatters have carved a unique niche for themselves. Today, the name Mad Hats Theatre is synonymous with visually appealing & performance oriented plays that offer wholesome entertainment. Some of their past productions include plays like Snakes-n-Ladders, Guilty As (Not) Charged and Where Cookies Tell Fortunes. The Pillowman is their first appearance at the Jagriti theatre festival (Season 2016).

Take a listen to the cast of the Pillowman

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