Colourful Kamanabillu: Kamanabillu Santhe @NammaPride 2016


Have you ever heard of Rainbow Market?

Have you ever been to Rainbow Market?

This year’s  Namma Pride hosted the  Kamanabillu Santhe, which literally put is rainbow market in English.

It was a wonder land… Magical, Beautiful, Noisy, Cheerful Banter, Colourful and more…

Music weaved its magic around, and the community contributed generously by way of performance… Mahesh Raghunandan, a renowned Bangalore-based singer, being an LGBTQIA ally gave a rocking performance at the rainbow market. Mayamma, our Queen, mesmerised the audience in her elegant sarees and her heart-capturing drag performances. Along with Maya we had Rimmi who won the hearts of not only men but also the women with her scintillating drag performance.. and then we had Belly Dancer, Alex who just moved his waist to the rhythm of arabic musical beats with his trainer and left everyone demanding once more … Songs, dance, monologue, stunts, claps, whistles, screams, laughter, rainbow flags, queer jewellery… what not?


Listen to the Kamanabillu santhe for a riot of colours of celebrations, in three parts

Part 1

Presenting Mahesh Raghunandan, Bangalore based singer

Part 2

We have the  Band River Below Rivers with us… Who are just going make you fly with your emotions by their melody… Here we go!

Part 3

Now you are gonna listen to Romal’s enthralling performance. Avril’s astounding song, and Swaroop gonna do a Monolog, Alex’s Belly dance glimpse from the Carnival, and of course the celebration with Maya and Rimmi with their killing drag performance.. Are you guys ready for it? So common lets listen to them.


Picture Courtesy: Sadat Ahmedy

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