Active Bangalore- #Bangloreans to stand with #farmersindistress

A solidarity meeting was held at the Institute of Agricultural Technologists on Queen’s Road on 13th November 2016 for farmers across Karnataka who are suffering from drought in the last two years. This meeting is part of an effort to engage those who influence public opinion, such as writers, academics, journalists and any other professional in towns/cities to the farmers’ struggle as part of the ‘Bengaluru stands with the farmers in distress’ campaign.

Chuki Nanjunda Swamy, Dr.Vasu, Geethamma,  Mr.K.T.Gangadhar, Prakash Kalmadi and other eminent people spoke about the problems the farmers are facing and how to overcome the drought with the help of Government.

Listen to Dr.Vasu, Mr.K.T.Gangadhar and Prakash Kalmadi in the following audio clips in three parts:

Part 1: Dr. Vasu



Part 2: K T Gangadhar

Part 3: Prakash Kalmadi

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