#ActiveBangalore: #Womeninthepark – Affirming our #right to #publicspaces by @SheCollectiveHub


Photo Credit: Usha

She was born with it,
A list of do’s and dont’s,
Ingrained from the womb,
Imbibed from her mother,
Her birth was not celebrated,
Her mother was cursed,
For what was a girl child worth?
A black mark to the family,
A burden to be borne,
To be raised and given away,
She could do so much more,
She could be so much more
More than she could imagine,
But life was within lines,
Lines drawn by many,
Norms to conform by,
A construct of the society,
A world that had decided her path,
A decision that was taken before her time,
A structure to her existence,
Her baton handed down,
Like in a relay race,
From parents, to husband, to children,
Being passed on like collateral,
With the conscious condescension,
Of that of baggage that needed tending,
Like it was a favour of sorts,
A worthless investment,
Instructions and limits preset,
From education to her becoming a mother,
All well constructed frames,
That she should fit,
Every question a rebellion,
Every rule break a blasphemy,
Every move scrutinised,
Every personal decision questioned,
There was a song in her step,
There was poetry in her silences,
There was angst in her soul,
Her aggression a joke,
Her anger trivialised,
Her intellect scorned,
Her choices questioned,
Her needs ignored,
Her indulgence frowned on,
Her revelry unwarranted,
She was expected to play roles,
Roles predefined,
Then she waged wars,
Just to exist and coexist,
She fought her own gender,
She braved patriarchy,
She asked to pick her path,
She questioned the status quo,
She braved men,
Who leered at her on streets,
Who molested and abused,
She ignored men,
Who played ego games with her,
Who wanted to play her down,
She fought men,
Who questioned her intellect in corporate boardrooms,
Who judged her by her choices,
She pushed away women,
Who stereotyped her,
Who labelled her as if she were alien,
She did all this and much more,
She was a daughter, a cook, a maid,
A mother, a worker, a chauffer,
A nurse, a teacher, a housewife,
She donned these hats,
Knowing no devotion would come her way,
Maybe a thankless acknowledgement,
That too unknown,
She was after all,
Just a mere woman!!!

– Shreya Krishnan


#SheCollective Hub is founded by Sandhya Mendonca. On Saturday 7th January, an event titled #Womeninthepark, was held, to reaffirm women’s right to #public spaces. 

Take a listen



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