#YariVaru: Neenu Gandsa Hengsa-Kannada Message Oriented Short Movie

“All tales, then, are at some level a journey into the woods to find the missing part of us, to retrieve it and make ourselves whole. Storytelling is as simple – and complex – as that. That’s the pattern. That’s how we tell stories.” – John Yorke, Into the Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story

Films are powerful story telling medium and  films that  voice out untold stories about unknown communities are even more powerful. One of such film makers is Mr. Suhas with his film “Ninu Gandsa? Hengsa?” (Are you man or woman?). This short film is an effort to break social stigmas about Transgender Community. And the protagonist of this film is our own RJ Priyanka.

The film revolves around Priyanka, a  Trans woman  in search for a job. From being publicly shunned to humiliated, by the  CEO of the company, there is a twist in the movie  

Listen to the Yarivaru Season 3, RJ Priyanka in conversation with  Director Suhas, and Actors Manjunath & Sathish

Here’s the link to the short film

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