CTRL Z – Featuring the Journey Of Educationist Mom Banerjee

A city like Bengaluru pulls us all into its vortex and we often come up for air unsure of what defines our ideas and existence. CTRL Z is a program that is dedicated to the people who got sucked into the big city life, swam through the uneven waters, and at some point decided to turn around to explore something different, something greater than the mundane. These citizens are navigating transitory routes in terms of their careers, their relationships, their family lives, and their core identities. These are stories of undoing the past, and re-routing towards a more fulfilling future.

In the second episode we feature the fascinating journey of Mom Banerjee. After over a decade long career as a marketing professional in the corporate, Mom decided to call it quits and start Samridhi Trust, and NGO working towards providing good quality education to underprivileged children. While this might have seemed like a serendipitous journey, little did Mom know that life was in it’s own way preparing her for this turn.

Listen in to find out more about her fascinating journey…

One thought on “CTRL Z – Featuring the Journey Of Educationist Mom Banerjee

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