#WorldWaterDay : Formulation Of Karnataka Lake Conservation & Development Authority Act 2014 by Yellappa Reddy with RJ @devakarpriyanka


Mr. Yellappa Reddy retired as the Secretary, Department of Ecology and Environment, in Karnataka.He was posted in Karnataka and served in various capacities in the state .His area of interest was conservation of natural forests, and protection of endangered animals and plants of Western Ghats.

He developed innovative nursery techniques, for over 150 native species of Western Ghats of India. He successfully developed and implemented innovative Eco-restoration technologies and bio-strategies for restoration of the most degraded areas of Western Ghats. Revived areas of original native vegetation by adopting appropriate enrichment techniques.

In addition, during his tenure as conservator of Forests, he established several herbal gardens, sacred groves and Pavithra Vanas by delving into ancient literature and in consultation with experts in the field of ayurveda and local health traditions. He has also organized and chaired national level conferences on medicinal plants and prepared action plan for in situ conservation and ex situ establishment of endangered evergreen forest eco-systems. Organized and chaired national seminars on Ornithology and Bird conservation. He has presented over 150 technical papers on tropical forests and authored number of books.

During his tenure as conservator of Forests and later as a secretary, Govt of Karnataka, dept of Ecology, Environment and forests, he worked extensively for restoration and protection of lakes and rivers of the state. He also initiated an action plan for preventing pollution of lakes and riverine Eco-systems. Actively associated with the wetlands survey and waterfowl census of the state from 1987 to 1996, and was instrumental in identifying the causes for pollution of lakes and rivers and initiated suitable action for restoration of the freshwater eco-systems of the state.

He was also a 

  • Governing council member of foundation for ecological security of India.

  • Member, Karnataka High court, Lok Adalat.

  • Chief advisor to Bangalore University Bio-diversity Park.

  • Chief advisor to Ahgastya International, Kuppam.

  • Chairman, Bangalore corporation Bio-diversity board.

  • Faculty in National Law School of India University.

  • Faculty in IIM, Bangalore.

Under the unique project, “Biodiversity Park” in Jnanabharathi campus, he has initiated soil conservation and rain water conservation of campus and planted three lakh indigenous medicinal and aromatic plants.

In recognition of his meritorious service to the cause of conservation in the state and in appreciation of his expert service to the greening and preservation of the campus land, Bangalore University is privileged to confer upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. He has been awarded “Indira Priyadharshini” award for his achievements in the field of forestry. Source: http://www.arbitrationcentreblr.org/profile%20of%20experts/DR.%20A.N.%20YELLAPPA%20REDDY.html

Mr. Reddy has written a book titled ‘Sacred Plants’ – this book is about the plants used in various rituals, and gives the logic and the aromatherapy science behind this usage.

Mr. Reddy in conversation with RJ Priyanka  Take a Listen

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