#WorldWaterDay: United Way Bengaluru’s @uwbe Wake The Lake Campaign


Established in 2008, United Way is a volunteer driven not-for profit-organization that seeks to engage with and empower local communities.

Wake the Lake is a strategic initiative to save these water bodies and turn them into hubs of community activity. Based on inputs given by leading environmentalists, herpetologists and conservation experts, they have a practical and holistic plan to revive the lakes.

As part of the initiative, they:

  • Recognize that the BBMP and other civic bodies own the lakes in Bangalore.
  • Support local resident welfare associations and organizations to undertake the responsibility of maintaining the lakes.
  • Mobilize the city’s community towards caring for these water bodies.
  • Fund maintenance of the revived lakes and provide other necessary resources to strengthen the movement.

Each revived lake is assessed on parameters that measure the lake’s ‘community-friendly’ index. The score card helps them evaluate the success of the initiative and chart out the next steps. For more information check http://www.uwbengaluru.org/wake-the-lake.html

Take a Listen to Dr. Mahesh, from United Way in conversation  with RJ Padma Priya

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