Weaving Stories of Equality

Each one of us is a collector of stories. Stories are an integral part of our lives; we live in stories and we understand each other through stories. Hence being able to tell stories effectively, make meaning out of it and use it to influence others, is an essential human pursuit.

In our fast paced world, dominated by technology, we are slowly but surely losing the skill to tell and listen to stories. This is why the annual storytelling competition conducted by Radio Active 90.4 FM along with its partners, brings together hundreds of children in the spirit of telling and sharing their stories.

This coveted competition celebrated its seventh year of existence. Over the past seven years thousands of children from schools and communities have participated showcasing their talent and building a space of sharing and learning.

This year the competition was conducted on 1 February 2017. The preparation for the competition starts over 6 months in advance with meetings with partner organizations and schools. Over 25 schools participated in the competition this year. A train the trainer workshop was held in August 2016, post which workshops with narrative stories and visual stories were conducted at each school.

The competition was held in three rounds in two different categories- primary (class 5, 6 and 7) and secondary (class 8 and 9). The first and second round is held at the school or community. In the first round, each child presents a story of his choice. Ten children are selected from each category in this round. In the second round, the children present stories under a given theme.

workshop 2



This year the theme was ‘Discrimination’; with the growing sense of intolerance that we are facing, this theme was a good way to see how children reflect on these biases and ruptures in our society. Children came up with their own stories that they presented at the final round at the Radio Active Studio. All stories said during the competition were recorded to be played on the Radio.

On the final day over 40 children participated in both categories, primary and high school. Most of the stories that the children narrated where of incidents that had influenced their life, something that had happened to them or to the community they live in on the themes of Discrimination based on gender, caste, looks etc.

List of schools that participated

1.PUP Dasarahalli Primary school

2.PUP Dasarahalli High school

3.Jyoti Seva Blind school

4.Siddartha Gowthama High School Kamakshpalya

5.GHPS Kengeri school

6.GHPS Thyagaraj nagara school

7.GHPS Dumlur school

8.GHPS Bapujinagara school

9.GHPS primary school

10.GHPS Bairasandra school

11.GHPS Puttainapaly school

12.GHPS Narayanapura Kanada midum school

15.GHPS Coxtown Tmilia midum school

16.GHPS Dream school (Apsa)

17.Bharathi vidya niketan(CRT)

18.GHPS Lingrajpuram school (Apsa Bosco)

19.Satya Sai Eduction society sanapanahalli


20.GHPS sanapanahalli school

21.GHPS Bagalur school

22.LPS Bagalur school

23.GHPS Gottigere school 4,7 Th

24.GHPS Cohanenrudinne school

25.GHPS NS Palya school

26.Green pature school

27.Patel School

Judges for High School

  1. Chethan Nagraj
  2. Rekha Ganesh
  3. Ramujogihalli

Judges for Primary School

  1. Venkatesh T
  2. Meghana BV

1.Primary school results

First Prize – Shanti Priya, Bharth Vidhyaniketan
Second Prize – Vinod, GMPS Kuthnur
Third Prize- Kusuma, GMPS

Consolation Prize – Suhas, GMPS Naryanapura

2. High School Results
First Prize – Ranjitha S, PVP school Dasrahalli
Second Prize – Sooprith, GHSKST
Third Prize – Archana, APSA School
Consolation Prize 1- Ramya , PVP School Dasrahalli
Consolation Prize 2- Vandana, APSA School


A big thank you to our partners without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for your continued support :

Child Rights Trust

Childline India Foundation

Association for Promoting Social Action ( APSA)

Social Worker – Indu Priya


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