Literature is not a competition: Bangalore based writer Vivek Shanbhagh on Active Bangalore

In the latest episode of Active Bangalore meet the celebrated Bangalore based writer Vivek Shanbhagh. Vivek is the author of eight works of fiction and two plays, all of which have been published to wide acclaim in Kannada. Gachar Gochar, his first book in English, translated by Srinath Perur, is hailed as one of the best books of 2016.


In the book, Vivek Shanbhagh takes us through the different complexity and simplicity of a small family in Bangalore, and in his own and nuanced style shows us how upward economic growth changes the dynamics of not only the family, but the core identity of each of its members. And in that process he throws a light on the larger universal issues of capitalism and globalization, and how it effects our psyche and social interactions.


RJ Lakshmi speaks to Vivek over a cup of coffee about his love for reading and writing, his approach to processing literature, and about translating Gachar Gochar.

Listen in…

Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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