#WorldHealthDay #LetsTalkDepression #Poem by @pinkychandran


#WorldHealthDay #LetsTalkaboutDepression
Special poem dedicated to all the beautiful people I have met through Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz , who are fighting different battles… Here’s to #innerstrength #peace and #love

The sadness envelopes me
The monsters gnaw at me
A dead weight presses on my chest
I battle the demons
In a room with no windows and doors
They strike at me
I bleed
The hurt does not show
I run, I cry,
Seeking desperately for a place to hide
Do I surrender, I ask out loud
Will I be at peace?
This time the silence cloaks me
I am cold, I shiver
Am I sinking?
I gasp, I choke, I cough
And then I stumble,
I see a crack in the wall
I see light, I see hope, I see love
I find my strength
I find me!
Pinky Chandran


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