#CTRLZ featuring Bangalore Based Storyteller #VikramSridhar

On the latest episode of CTRLZ, we bring to you someone who went from being a science topper to a story teller- Bangalore based artist Vikram Sridhar. Vikram grew up in Chennai and explored sports and music as a child, but soon learnt that academics is something he would like to focus on, going on study in some of the most prestigious institutes in India. Life however had other plans to him, and in a chance meeting with a theater professional, was introduced to the world of acting and storytelling.


Vikram Shridhar during a storytelling performance

Today,Vikram is very well known face in the Storrytelling circuit in Bangalore and has been associated with theater for over ten years. And all this while being in a full time job. Through his project around the story tree, Vikram regularly at various spaces and festivals across India- in plays, storytelling sessions for children and adults and in conducts workshops for corporate companies and groups.

How did Vikram fascinating journey unfold?

Listen in to find out…

Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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