#ActiveWomen Featuring #MumTalks – Meet the Fighters

Mum Talks – Meet the Fighters brings together some of the most inspirational women’s voices on one platform. These women relate and discuss on their life journeys, looking back on challenges and triumphs, and their continued march against all odds. They also bring out the realities of balancing their unique identities with their role as mothers.
In the second edition of the talk, held on April 8, 2017, by Mums and Stories, the speakers were Swarna Latha, Mamatha Sowdi, and Bhashini Sreenivasa.
Mamatha Sowdi, an administrative officer, shared her experience of living with polio paralysis and how she defied the condition to continue to work outside her home.
Bhashini Sreenivasa is a cancer survivor and a powerful voice that encourages everyone to succeed no matter what impediments come one’s way.
Swarna Latha, inspired by her own condition, has set up a platform for adults grappling with multiple sclerosis. Her aim is to cut through pity and establish a practical resource field that leads to more awareness about the disease and more respect for the sufferers.
These are stories of survival and power.
Listen on.

Mum Talks – Meet The Fighters Mamatha,Swarna, Bhashini with RJ Beula:


Article by Shruti Sharada.


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