#EcoTalk – RJ Vijaya Discusses #TreeCutting for Hoarding Visibility with #TreeDoctor Vijay Nishanth

Vijay Nishanth is known as the ‘Tree Doctor’. An urban conservationist and animal activist, he has been passionately involved in saving trees for over a decade. He is the founder of Project Vruksha, which works to provide grassroots solutions with the use of technology.

He recently spoke to RJ Vijaya about Marathahalli, where a company tried to burn down 21 trees by throwing acid on them. They did this to improve the visibility of some advertising hoardings in the vicinity, which the tall trees were apparently blocking. Nishanth had sprung to action and managed to save 3 of the trees, but 18 were still lost.



A complaint about the incident has been registered with the Karnataka Forest Department. Nishanth suggests that anyone who is out to cut trees should first read the Indian Forest Act, 1927, and understand what is allowed and what is not.

Listen in on the interview in the latest episode of #EcoTalk.


Article by Shruti Sharada

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