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Let poetry lull you into peace and serenity. But,won’t you like your poetry brewed?Poetry and tea, brewed perfectly to match your tastes and opinions. Tune in every Friday  for heart warming brew of Chai lines – we are brewing poems!

Launch Episode of Chai Lines- Brewing Poems with #Poets Shruthi Mohan, Nalin Vyas and Deepten in conversation with RJ Divya and RJ Forhana





Poetry, as much as it is perceived to be a veil of verses evolved from mystery, is as lucid and easily perceptible to anyone and everyone, and permeates the veins of every individual once in their lifetime. Poetry: a form of expression; is considered one of the most powerful ways of communication and conveyance of thoughts and for the right reasons. Although the forms and styles of penning down poetry have been defined long back by several poets, one is always welcomed in this field to experiment and quote the poetry that escapes from their soul. This being the prime reason, it should curtail all myths about poetry being the most difficult form of expression, whereas in reality, it is at the tip of everyone’s fingers, waiting to flow.
Providing an escape from the rigidity of societal norms, thoughts are captured in words that could envelop meanings and yet, let out the intention of the speaker. It transcends beyond simple narration, it is therapeutic as the poet lends his or her trust on words to be left behind in this world. Such is the importance of poetry, although it is hardly considered an effective medium of communication in a practical society, it is present in every atom, every molecule of our every day being. From the daily chores we perform, to the streets that are deserted, to the first sip of coffee in the morning, to the last song one listens to before falling asleep at night.
To celebrate this beautiful exploration of humans in the busiest and savvy regions such as the cosmopolitan spaces, there has been a remarkable initiative taken by a community driven venture, OSS – Open Sky Slam, that allows people from all walks of life to explore the poets in themselves. It is a blend of poetry, music and dance, encompassing myriad themes to be discussed about. A cathartic stage, it allows performers to shrug off the burden of being judged for their piece of work, come and simply let go of their emotions in words. It thus believes on the power of people and passion in striving for one’s goals. It central focus is on community feeling, with its famously known bear hugs that are a complete must among all participants after each show. It is therefore, a platform without boundaries or walls, which not only invites talent in all forms to be accepted, but also the strength to harbor the talent and allow it to spread its wings and grow.

So brew a cup of tea and take a listen…

Forhana Choudhury, Intern at  Radio Active 90.4 MHz

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