#CTRLZ- Through sharing comes collective insight: #JasmeenPatheja on her effort to undo experiences of #sexualharrasment in public spaces through #collectiveart

CTRL Z is a show about ‘undoing’ something in our lives, or of changing it, to make way for the new, to make way for something that is more meaningful to us. On this show we chronicle the journeys of some special people, and their unique journeys of ‘undoing’.

In the latest edition of  CTRLZ, we feature artist and activist  from Bangalore Jasmeen Patheja. Jasmine grew up in Kolkata, and moved to Bangalore to study art.  However, while living in different cities in India and abroad, she had observed and many times herself experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.


Jasmeen Patheja

Jasmeen however, wanted to change this, not only for herself, but also for others in the community and city she lives in. She decided to undo her experiences of street harassment by starting a collective art project, Blank Noise, that works with communities using collective community art projects to create awareness and insight into the issue of sexual harassment in public spaces.

Blank Noise is led and run completely by volunteers. A core team of male and female volunteers from across geographical locations and age groups work with the collective to trigger public dialogue on the issue of street sexual harassment.

Lakshmi and Jasmeen

RJ Lakshmi (L) and Jasmeen Patheja (R)

RJ Lakshmi met up with Jasmeen at Bangalore’s beautiful public space, Cubbon park to talk to her about her journey with this project through the last 14 years.

Listen in…


Article and interview by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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