#ChaiLines #BrewingPoems Featuring @iluthepoet #poetryonradio


“The true poem rests between the words.”

~ Vanna Bonta

When she was young, she wrote poems to remember the geography of different countries. With time, the landscape shrunk but her thoughts independently flew across the borders, breaking free every tiny restriction that curtailed her.

 Ilu, walked into our studio, with a nervous smile. While she is happy to sit in a coffee shop scribbling her way into a journal or a tissue, she is extremely shy and fiercely guarded… 

In today’s show, Ilu talks about her childhood and  the inspirations she draws from the everyday living. Her poems are woven from experiences and observations of the society

When life pushed her hard, verses by Sarah Kay healed her wounds.

She writes down her thoughts, playing with them and then performs it. Performing poetry helped her understand  herself better. “Through the ups and downs of life, through desperate transience of existence, poetry is what stayed”, says Ilu the Poet.


Brew your cup of tea or coffee and take a listen to Ilu the Poet on Chai Lines. 

By Divya Krishnamoorthy


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