#ArtShow Featuring #TanushreeSaha @tangerinedazeko & #Melvin @melvinprasanna #music


Tanushree and Melvin, two of Bangalore’s full-time passionate musicians joined us on Radio Active this time for an extremely musical and heavenly show. Over detailed discussions, we got to know innumerable facts about their life as well as ventured further into the world of music. Tanushree, who has dedicated herself completely to music as her soul and passion, has a different background of fashion design and was a student of NIFT, Bangalore. Although inclined into fashion, she always felt an intricate connection to music since her tender years and dedicates this passion to her mother, who also like her, has a natural flair for music.

Always up for trying something new, Tanushree has lived her life experimenting several fields and seeking out for her true self and wasn’t scared to make the non-conventional choices in her life, even at a point in her life when she was doing extremely well in her corporate life but decided to quit her job for something more, which led to several criticisms and questions from members of her family. Overcoming all those obstacles, she proved herself in the field of music by obtaining proper training in western music from the Bangalore school of Music. She has set her mark in the field of music industry with the release of mesmerising compositions such as Bali Maya, and collaborating with international musicians, where she feels that it is imperative to set the bond of brotherhood among ourselves, which is displayed in her song Bali Maya as well. The song is a two-part composition of the language Bambara, a language spoken in Africa and the second part is an English composition. It is indeed, an amalgamation of two diverse backgrounds through the thread of music.

Melvin, on the same lines, has appreciated variety in his life and experimented with several fields before venturing into the domain of music. Deep down, he always felt a convoluted connection to music and dedicates this passion to his father, who harboured the love for guitar and music in himself. He devotes his success and passion for music to his friends and family, who have always supported him and shown him the ropes on how to go about developing the passion for music. He feels that the passion for any art form lies within oneself and doesn’t require much effort if the individual puts his or her complete dedication in learning the art form. He was also inquisitive enough from an early age to observe and learn several musical forms and practice by himself which gave him the panache for instruments and an understanding of tuning. Being in the corporate sector, he has witnessed a completely different world aside from music and understands the significance of doing something worthwhile for oneself, which is why he took the brave plunge and decided to quit his successful corporate job and seek out for his passion within. Over time and experience, he has proven to the world that it takes hard work and dedication for any artist to set his or her foundation truly in this world.
In a conversation with them, we got to know them better through the game of ten questions, wherein both Tanushree and Melvin were instructed to ask each other ten questions about themselves and answer honestly. Through both personal and professional questions, we realised their love for both healthy and junk food, their favourite compositions, their first live performances among several other questions. They also shared with us their fascinating stories of getting inked at different points in their life and the reasons behind those tattoos. Just like the ink on their bodies, they are strong willed and determined in their ambitions and firm in sending out their message to all listeners to follow their dreams and passions, always develop a liking towards music as it is a gift indeed bestowed to mankind and keep spreading love and peace.

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