Colourful Kamanabillu – Live Free, Live True with Poet #SauvikAcharjee


Poet Sauvik Acharjee claims to always have had a colourful life, but as a person, he thinks his nature is more inclined towards shades of black and white, his favourite colours. A day-dreamer and a caring brother, Sauvik believes that he is gifted with the ability to feel deeply, which according to him is both a boon and a curse.

He recalls having written the poem he read for us during his college days when he had started to connect to nature very strongly. He dedicates his love for poetry to the elements.


Sauvik comes from a small town in Assam, a place where people are still not acquainted with the broad spectrum of sexuality we have come to understand. He confesses that a relationship with a girl in college had left him feeling ambivalent. He also recalls his earliest and longest relationship with a person with whom he shared bittersweet memories. Circumstances forced him to move beyond his past without the possibility of speaking about the experiences to anyone. This, he explains, is a limitation that the hetero-normative society forces upon people who identify otherwise. But this relationship inspired a major milestone in his life, which was accepting himself.

Sauvik firmly believes that the notion of ‘family’ extends beyond blood relations and reaches out to people who have been with each other through the toughest of storms. He feels blessed to have had extremely understanding and supportive friends and family members who held his hand and reassured him that they will remain close no matter what. This has given him the strength to endure obstacles and take pride in himself. He believes everyone should celebrate their individuality as a whole and not focus only on their sexual orientation.

Sauvik’s poetry comes from his love for books, a world he was introduced to by his school librarian. Another activity that he adores to bits is cooking, a talent embedded in him from early childhood as he was encouraged to be independent. He was taught that cooking is an art form, to be pursued diligently and with passion. He takes great pleasure in cooking for his several brothers.

Sauvik believes that it is imperative for everyone to accept the person that they are, celebrate their individuality, and keep spreading love.

Listen in…

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