Water And Sanitation – Lifetide Water Festival – Artist Ragini Bhow speaks to RJ Shruti


Ragini Bhow’s coffee-table book is a fascinating piece of artistic contemplation on water. It is a sprawling, stark and unhurried view of water’s cosmic journey, from speck to powerhouse, and how we humans are inseparably linked to it. The book, ‘Lifetide’, and some prints from the book, were on display at the recent Lifetide Water Festival at Shoonya.


In this interview, Ragini tells RJ Shruti about her inspiration and her concerns, and she dwells on the factor of privilege that decides our relationship with water nowadays. Her belief in art inspiring conservation awareness is strong, but she feels that more children need to be brought into the fold. Their active imagination can be fruitfully used to drive newer ideas on saving water and becoming more environmentally responsible.

Listen in…


Written by Shruti Sharada.

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