#ActiveWomen – A Group of #NCC Cadets and their #Cycling Trip to Empowerment


While most of us are making a sluggish start to our day, wrapped in the comfort of our soft blankets, some NCC girls would be found oiling their cycle gears and prepping for a tough journey coming up around the corner.

On May 6th, 2017, a group of girl cadets will cycle its way from Palace Road in Bengaluru to Karnataka’s Tumkur district, with a scheduled stop-over at a village called Turukere to spend the night at. During their short stay there, they plan to participate in many social activities to create awareness among the villagers about women’s rights and the importance of empowering the girl child.

This group of girls will be led by Company Senior Under Officer (CSUO), Sonya. The group members are all very determined to educate and empower women in any way they can. By cycling a distance of 260 km from Palace Road to Tumkur, they want to show people that girls can do more than just cook, clean, and be engaged in other traditional household chores. Their aim is to communicate that girls are physically, intellectually, and emotionally strong, and if given the chance, they can do much more in every aspect of life.

In this interview, Sonya and the girls tell us about the difficulties they faced while getting their plans for the cycling expedition approved by the Senior Officers. In comparison, the number of choices and opportunities available to the male cadets is very large. The officers were reluctant to approve the expedition as they had doubts about these young girls completing the task, or of them suffering bodily pain while on the journey.

These young girls are a source of inspiration to all the women out there who want to do things beyond what is conventionally assigned to them. In spite of all the other responsibilities that these girls have to shoulder, they make time to empower and encourage by setting an example.

Listen in…


Written by Catherine R Shadap.


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