#ActiveWomen: Dream Catchers – RJ Shruti Chats Up Megha Bhagat On The #WakingDreams Fellowship For Women


What is adult life usually like for us? We finish schooling, then get to college, and then head straight to the work ‘market’. We are compelled to think of career prospects even before we have had a taste of the world outside. So, we often end up confused, at odds with what we want to do and what our surroundings deem more desirable.

Project DEFY aims to break this loop of discontent and attempts a new way of absorbing information. This initiative eschews textbooks and regimentation in favour of self-learning, exploration and experimentation. No bias of gender, age or social standing is welcome in this universe. What is welcome is free-flowing curiosity and an appetite for creation.

Megha Bhagat, one of the co-founders of Project DEFY, stopped by the Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz office to speak about the initiative and about their newly-launched Waking Dreams Fellowship, which will provide financial, material and mentorship support to 6 young women through the course of one year. The fellows will be afforded the freedom to pursue one dream activity of theirs with no strings attached, a privilege few of us can imagine being provided. The young women wish to learn about an impressive range of activities, including belly-dancing and the violin, through which they hope to realise all hidden potential and inspire more groups of women to come forward and peep out the conventional boxes forced upon them.

This interview was a fun, inspiring chat that highlighted the importance of breaking established norms of the education system in India and of allowing young women the space and economic freedom to think different.

The Waking Dreams Fellowship is a small effort at realising the world where women can boldly experiment with their talents, re-define themselves, and find a sisterhood of support around them.

To support this initiative, visit https://www.bitgiving.com/wakingdreams. Read up more about the fellowship on http://www.projectdefy.org/dream-fellowship/.

Listen in…


Written by Shruti Sharada.

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