#TrashTalk – #CompostingSanthe At Lalbagh, Jayanagar, Kengeri – RJ Priyanka with NS Ramakanth


Environmental activist NS Ramakanth is one of a few change-makers associated with the ‘Composting Santhe Bengaluru’ event held in the city every Sunday. The event aims at spreading awareness about the need and benefits of composting through demonstration of segregation and composting methods. In this interview, Ramakanth says that waste material, if used effectively and sustainably right at its source, can help save the environment, save water and, in turn, save villages.

Composting Santhe is a derivation of the ideas discussed at a round-table gathering called ‘SwachaGraha’. Through the Santhe, people are being educated about methods to manage waste so that the BBMP can stop being overburdened with it in the future as it is currently. Garbage plants and waste collection centers are not being used by the public to their full potential, a factor that the Santhe addresses. The thrust here is towards making people mindful of all the steps they can take to realise a cleaner Bengaluru.

The event itself sets a solid example in this direction. All the food that is supplied to the 400+ volunteers, vendors, etc., is provided using steel plates and bowls, thus eliminating plastic containers. The plates, bowls and spoons are then washed using hot water and a bio-enzyme which is a mixture of lemon peel and jaggery. So, no chemicals are used. All leftover food is usually composted in pits at the same park that hosts the event.

Getting citizens involved is an important step towards fuelling the work for a greener and cleaner city and is an extremely important process in achieving the status of ‘Garden City of India’ again. Apart from Composting Santhe, workers also visit small apartments and housing complexes to address this matter and to teach composting to people.

Composting Santhe is set to take place in multiple wards of the city with a vision to also expand to other areas in Karnataka. Keep an eye out for it!

Written by Anagha TR.

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