#ActiveCooking – Quick Recipes – Tasty Tomato Bath by Umesh


For Bangaloreans, it seems like every day is a busy day, and when you are in a hurry you can’t cook elaborate meals. The quickest and one of the tastiest dishes you can cook up in a jiffy is the ‘Tomato Bath’.

Umesh aka Uma, former RJ at Radio Active for the ‘Jeeva Diaries’, is our cook for the day.

Keep these ingredients ready – finely chopped onions and tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste (easily made at home or available in stores), coriander leaves, and curry leaves. Of course, remember that more the onions, the tastier the dish. Try using organic tomatoes as they are tastier and also give the dish a subtly sour taste. The chili powder and coriander powder will provide the dish that hit of spice.

As the ingredients come together, Uma talks about her life in Channapatna. She had felt like a girl right from the start and had taken a keen interest in learning how to cook from her mother. She would often cook for the farmers in the village. She ignored all the teasing she was subjected to because of her love for cooking ‘in spite of being a boy’ and did what she liked. Uma recalls the love her aunt showered on her and how she would dress her.

Uma loves to cook Tomato Bath, Chappati and Chatni. In her village, Uma would prepare the bath in a more traditional way as there were no ready-made powders available then. She suggests boiling the tomatoes as much as possible as nothing enhances the taste of the rice more. Though she is adept at realising many recipes, her friends love the simple dal, rice and lady finger fry she makes.

With the Tomato Bath, make sure to check the salt, mix all the ingredients well together, let them all boil, and to close the pressure cooker lid to seal in all the flavours.

A few whistles later the bath will be all set to be served and eaten. We suggest that you keep some curd, pickle, and papad ready!


Written by Arpita V.

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