#ChiguridaBaduku with RJ Radha – From Depression to Hope: The Story of Raju


This is RJ Radha’s interview with Raju. He works as a driver and has been HIV-positive for many years. In this show, he shares his life journey from the point of no hope to a renewed appreciation for everything positive around.

His discovery of being HIV-positive was naturally shocking. He kept wondering how this could be since no one in his family had ever had AIDS and he hadn’t had any contact with a woman other than his wife. He later found out that the condition was because of a blood transfusion that had followed an old accident.

Depression gripped him after the diagnosis. He wouldn’t be ready to meet anyone and he grew afraid of the light. He even stopped responding to medicines. Nothing seemed to be working for him. That was when he decided to commit suicide; he did not want to be a burden for his wife and children. But the thought of his family also gave him strength and he says that he wanted to get stronger for them.

He left home to earn money for his family and it was during this trip that he came to know about the NGO Arunodaya, which is a district-level network. The NGO members provided him more information about ARTs and made him realise that he still had hope. He started attending counseling sessions, which made him feel mentally strong. He started responding to medicines as well.

Raju confesses that without his family’s support, he would have died long ago. His belief and his family’s love along with the NGO’s help has made him a better person today.

Be witness to Raju’s story of positivity only at Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz.



Written by Arpita Rajpurohit.

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