Eco Talk- Conversation With #The StudentOfSustainability- RJ Shilok & Pinky Chandran With Sandeep Anirudhan

Sandeep is an advocate of sustainability. He calls himself a ‘student’ of sustainability as he understands it as a constant process of learning, unlearning and relearning the ways of nature and of the world. We, citizens, tend to have very less understanding of the same and this, according to Sandeep, is keeping us from changing the destructive ways in which we have treated our environment.18199335_10212532893308188_7658008931187252676_n

The fact that Bengaluru is rapidly losing its trees and its water bodies is the fundamental flaw in our city, he says, because cities must always be planned around their resources. Without resources for livelihood, the city suffers, as in the case of Bengaluru today. These ideas are also fundamentals that must be included in the education imparted to every single citizen. That way, people can take care of their cities themselves. There is also a disconnect between people and their situation because nobody steps up to take charge of the problems of their own city. 

Sandeep however, is also optimistic. He is of the opinion that this situation can change if people start becoming passionately aware of their surroundings. Action rises from this kind of awareness, he says, and is positive that the fate of the city will begin to change if people just start standing up for their city. 

– Anagha Bhardwaj 


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