#EcoTalk with RJ Vijaya – Vijay Nishanth Explains How Tree Transplantation Can Counter Rampant Tree-Cutting


Economic development often comes with its disadvantages. One of the biggest victims of this progress can be trees, with hundreds of them being cut to clear space for buildings and billboards.

In this environment, ‘Tree Transplantation’ can become an effective solution to the problem. Tree Transplantation happens when a tree is transplanted from one place to another – the roots of a tree, quite like the nervous system of a human body, send out and receive water and other necessary nutrients. The transplantation process includes creating a ‘root bowl’ which is a pot-like bowl in which the roots are treated with medicines and, depending on the size of the tree, are later packed. Then this root is transplanted at the decided spot.

Some treatment medicines and fertilisers are applied at the spot and later on, it is closed for observation. Water is to be provided continuously here. Every tree has its own capacity and nutrient supply levels, so the area of its transplantation needs to be kept under constant observation. Problems arise when experts demand the exact survival rate of the trees (it is difficult to ascertain), and when funding is inadequate (transplantation takes up a lot of money).

But there is hope. Recently, permission to cut a lot of trees for road widening was granted on Sarjapur road. Since the permission had already been passed by the time the citizens of the area could take action, it was decided to transplant the trees. A crowd-funding initiative was started and nearly INR 2.5 lakhs were raised to cover the costs of the machinery, labour, water, and treatment paraphernalia.

In this show, urban conservationist and founder of ‘Vruksha’, Vijay Nishanth, talks about the importance of exploring such solutions. Amidst unbridled urbanisation, it has become necessary to protect trees. They give us oxygen to breathe, and it is time we stand up for them too!

Listen in…



Written by Arpita Rajpurohit.

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