#EcoTalk with RJ Padma Priya – Padma Ashok talks about Saving Tigers and Traveling without Disturbing the Animal Life We Find in our Path



World Environment Day is observed on the fifth day of June every year. Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz marked the day by inviting some of the most passionate environmentalists and environment activists to share personal stories of change-making and to highlight the importance of the day.

One of our guests today was Padma Ashok, founder of the Save Tiger First initiative.

“When people think of nature they think of silence, fresh air and that makes them think of hill stations or forests – that is what we think is ‘parisara’. But, where we stay and what is in our surroundings constitutes the environment as well!

Every organism is important in nature. Imagine a bee, a creature so small, but its importance to our food supply is immense. Imagine the importance of bigger animals then! We are in danger of losing tigers and elephants in the future, so we need to keep working to save them. While traveling, it is important to not disturb the animals one encounters. If you spot them, refrain from speaking loudly; observe them from a distance. Traveling through protected forests is in itself problematic, but when it is being done, do so very responsibly.”

Listen in…


Written by Shruti Sharada.

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