#InternationalYogaDay with Dr. Phanirenu – #Yoga Is More Than Just Asanas, You Need #Meditation Too!


To mark International Yoga Day, Dr. Phanirenu from the Heartfulness Institute talks to RJ Priyanka about that indispensable part of Yogic practice – meditation.

Yoga and asanas are pretty much synonymous to most of us but according to Dr. Phanirenu, Yoga is much more than just physical postures. The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘to unite’ and, in practice, Yoga aims to unite the soul with the almighty, and the lower self with the higher self. This is done by engaging and developing the mind, body and soul together. “Asanas just by themselves are not very beneficial,” she says. “This is because the stress the body faces is responsible for making the body vulnerable to diseases and disorders, which is an endowment of the brain. Mental strength weighs down on the body, making it weak and incapable of keeping diseases at bay by itself. One must, thus, pay close attention to their mental health as well in order to keep their overall health good. This is where meditation comes in handy. The very atmosphere we live in is full of stress and we pick up on this stress easily and meditation is one tool that can help reduce stress and help keep our body healthy in the process.”

Meditation is the easiest possible route to attaining peace of mind and calmness.

At the Heartfulness Institute, the trainers use several techniques to induce the practice of meditation and one of the techniques includes the use of ‘Yogic Transmission’. By this technique, cosmic energy is directed to the heart, from where it is sent out to the places of the body that need it. This technique helps induce concentration in the practice of meditation and, in Dr. Phanirenu’s words, “utilises cosmic energy for human evolution.”

Through meditation, it is possible to attain complete well-being. It helps the body heal faster and keeps the state of health balanced for longer. It increases the body’s responsiveness to treatment of diseases. Meditation, as it is largely proclaimed, also helps improve concentration. Meditation must, therefore, become a ritual that one practices every day to achieve a holistically healthy condition of the body.

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Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.


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