#ActiveWomen: Two Sanskari Girls Set Out to Fight the Patriarchy Through Spoken Word #Poetry


It all began at the Humming tree in Indiranagar. Two artistes, Nupur and Kate, met here for the first time. They had both performed at an open mic session that day and, ever since, have collaborated in various shows together, traveled together and learned from each other.

Kate is a spoken word artist, actor, theater actor, counselor and musician from Philadelphia who initially came to Bengaluru to be part of a programme in expressive art therapy. As a woman and a performer, she tries to reach out to people to help them express themselves, to appreciate the culture they were born into, as well as to accept cultures different from their own. In terms of gender and identity, she follows the non-binary approach where she claims to be a woman but embraces what she claims to be masculine features within her. She also identifies as a feminist.

Nupur is a spoken word artist based in Singapore and a daughter to Indian parents who have grown with her in her journey as an artist and a progressive child. Nupura has faced discrimination, therefore, her art as well as her behaviour in any public place used to always be followed with the question – “What will people think?” Such questions arise from constructs that the society has created for itself and therefore are subjective. With time, her parents have begun to see notice these constructs for what they are and have moulded their ideologies in a different way.


Through spoken word poetry, Nupur and Kate have been able to clearly express their feelings and stances on many things like body shaming, culture and dress codes.

‘Two Sanskari Girls’ is their last show together. It is an inspiring show about culture and feminism and how these ideologies have helped them evolve as individuals.

Listen in…


Written by Catherine Shadap.

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