#ChinnaraChilipili with RJ Manjula – Exploring the Power of a #Storytelling Session Conducted by Children

‘Ondaanondu Kaaladalli’ is a story-telling show for children. The programme features young participants of a story-telling competition from schools and NGOs across the city. All topics including children’s rights and problems faced by children are touched upon here. The children also often share fables and regional classics that are laden with morals and lessons in life values.
Little Rajesh tells us a story about how it is important to always associate oneself with good people. He narrates a classic tale about two sister birds that get separated during a hurricane and end up growing in markedly different surroundings – one in a hermitage and the other in the company of thugs.
One day, a king comes into the forest of the thugs on a hunting trip. The resident bird begins to scream out to the thugs, encouraging them to attack him and loot his jewellery and other belongings. The king gets badly beaten up but manages to escape. With great difficulty, he walks a little further away from the thugs, but ultimately gives in to the pain and faints in front of a hermitage.
The bird that grew up at the hermitage notices the king and attends to him with great concern. She asks the king if he wants anything to eat or drink, and inquires about his feelings. The king is shocked to have encountered two contrasting personalities in the two little birds and is determined to avenge himself for all the pain that was caused to him. However, the bird of the hermitage explains that her younger sister grew up in surroundings that taught her to inflict pain and suffering, and that she doesn’t know better. After contemplating about the situation, the king decides to show mercy.
We all are, after all, reflections of people we were surrounded by and decided to associate with. This story enunciates the importance of investing one’s time in positive company of good people.
Simple stories such as Rajesh’s play a very important role in propagating values, especially amongst young listeners. When combined with a powerful medium such as story-telling, morals make a long-lasting impact on the minds of people.
Listen in for more story-telling magic:



Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.

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