Clay is one of the most sensuous mediums: Potter Cynthia Suzan on #ActiveBangalore


Cynthia Suzan, potter from Bangalore talks about the mysterious nature of clay and why she is addicted to this medium

Clay is one of the most powerful mediums. It is a primordial way of interaction of our body with earth. Through molding, shaping, adding, subtracting and also imprinting, it allows us to let go of our thoughts, feel our feelings, and be in the moment. It’s something that’s malleable and controllable. Yet, its the clay that controls us in many ways than one.

In this edition of Active Bangalore, we meet potter Cynthia Suzan. Cynthia dabbles in mainly stoneware pottery creating both functional as well as sculptural work along with a line of ceramic jewelry and accessories. Through her two decade long career, she has made many discoveries about the medium and about herself.

Going back to pottery is like going back to an old boyfriend; it is familiar, comforting, intimate, sensuous but yet very mysterious – Potter Cynthia Suzan 


Cynthia Suzan

Her involvement in pottery has, to put it lightly changed her life. Very early on into her practice, she left the city life to set up a workshop and live in a farm over 40 kms away from Bangalore. She remains reclusive, which she says is a part of what she has become, and what her practice had led to.


RJ Lakshmi Karunakaran caught up with Cynthia, at a store that she has been managing in Bangalore for the past 8 years to talk to her about her passion for pottery and the discoveries that she has made about this mysterious medium.

Listen in as Cynthia decodes this mysterious medium.

(L) RJ Lakshmi Karunakara and (R) Cynthia Suzan

Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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