The Art of Creating Children’s Books: Active Bangalore Featuring Writer and Illustrator Vinayak Varma

Exploring the medium of texts and visuals, Bangalore based Vinayak Varma is on a constant quest for telling compelling stories.

Vinayak Varma moved to Bangalore to study art and design and soon got his first assignment to produce a children’s book. Though as an illustrator and writer he has dabbled with various forms, writing and illustrating children’s books has been a constant draw. Over the years he has worked with several publishers like Penguin, Harper Collins, Hachette, Scholastic, Duckbill and Pratham Books , producing some of the most engaging books for children


Bangalore based writer and illustrator Vinayak Varma

Vinayak is the author of ‘Angry Akku’, ‘Jadav and the Tree-Place’ (Pratham Books / StoryWeaver) and ‘Up Down’ (Tulika Books), and was the founder editor of Brainwave magazine. His articles and short stories have been published in The New Indian Express, DNA, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Muse India and Out of Print Magazine.


Nu Cham Vu’s magic cat, from The Magic Store of Nu Cham Vu, Puffin


RJ Lakshmi caught up with Vinayak at Cubbon park to talk to him about the art of making children’s books.

Listen in…


Interview by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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